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Formed in October 2000, Solenta Aviation is a specialized Commercial Aviation company offering diverse solutions.

  • Jet and Turbo Prop
  • ACMI Wet/Dry Lease
  • Full Turn-key Operations and Management Consultancy

Providing first class service is the primary focus of the people that make up Solenta Aviation.
Our staff have a wealth of experience in the aviation field and are hand-picked for their excellent track records in the industry.

Industries Supported

  • Oil and Gas
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Mining
  • Scheduled Airlines
  • Air Freight
  • Tourism


  • Part 121, 135 and 138 AOC Operations
  • Internal training of all crew :
    • Conducted by SACAA approved Part 141 ATO
    • To international best-practice training standards
    • Using full motion flight simulators
  • Dedicated Contract Managers assigned to each operational Contract
  • Two crew operations on all Solenta Aviation operated aircraft
  • Route and Area analysis
  • Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA)
  • Flight Safety Foundation Members (FSF) since 2006
  • BARS Gold Status achieved - 2013
  • RNAV 1 & 2,  RNP 5 & APPROACH (ERJ/ATR)
  • Satellite tracking and flight following on all aircraft

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SACAA Aviation Training Organization CAA/0173

  • All training conducted by full-time, in-house instructors
  • All initial and recurrent training conducted on all company fleets on approved simulators
  • In-house cabin crew training on all company fleets
  • In-house soft course training capability for all crew
  • Approved Technical Training Organisation – ATTC-038

All crew are trained by seasoned aviation professionals and trainers in the aviation industry and are assessed by dedicated in-house examiners.
The entire training system is constantly improved and overseen by a dedicated training department.

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SACAA Aircraft Maintenance Organization – AMO 

  • Fully equipped for field and heavy maintenance, including:
    • Hot section inspections
    • Rebuilds
    • Refurbishment
    • Overhauls
    • Avionic installations
  • All maintenance activities (airframe, engine & avionics), including preventative maintenance, are tracked and planned
  • Approved SA CAA Maintenance Organisation Certificate No. 874

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  • Solenta Aviation is committed to achieving the highest level of safety and quality performance whilst meeting both national and international standards.
  • We have a strong culture of risk-based continuous improvement.  We objectively review the ‘way we do things’ with a view to continuously build a high level of quality into all our business processes.
  • Solenta Aviation strives to safeguard all employees and affected persons from injury, unhealthy conditions or pollution.
  • Solenta Aviation and Solenta Aviation Workshop are well-staffed, with appropriately qualified Safety & Quality staff members, as well as HSE & Aviation Security personnel.
  • This Just Culture helps us learn from our mistakes and near misses. We believe in continuous learning.
  • Registered BARS Gold since 2013